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Make Southern Ice Co. your local watering hole. Sports Bar & Restaurant in Creekside.

History of Icehouses
Ice house in Texas, 1939, photographed by Russell Lee for the U.S. Farm and Security Administration.

the history

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In the early days, ice houses on the outskirts of Houston were more than just places to pick up a block of ice. With no air conditioning to speak of, these establishments served as a neighborhood oasis where people could escape the blistering Texas heat. Offering more than ice, they were akin to country stores where locals could enjoy a cold beer, savor some ice cream, and play games like checkers, dominoes, or horseshoes. As the demand for iceboxes grew, so did the number of ice houses, solidifying their status as the ‘coolest’ community hubs to mingle and relax. At the Southern Ice Co. we hope you find a local spot to gather with family and friends and enjoy life!  Visit our Restaurant in Creekside near The Woodlands and Spring, TX.

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